re·spect: /riˈspekt/ Noun

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

Today I want to talk about respect. Not just respect in general, but respect as it applies to what we are trying to do here. Respect as it applies to all the kids on the scene, and the bands trying to make a name for themselves.  

This isn’t anything new. Since the earliest days of punk, respect has been a huge part of the music and attitude. Now, I’m not saying this to garner some kind of status, but I have been on the scene for a while now. A little over 10 years to be exact, and in that time I have seen it change so much, and really not at all for the better. I’ve seen a huge increase of bands with amazing talent, with some really, really great musicians, and yet some how there is this overwhelming lack of respect. 

We are all here for the same reason, and it kills me to see these kids hating on each other, and bands hating on each other. 

I want to quickly point something out. A lot of kids on the scene are there because they felt outcast. They felt as if they didn’t belong anywhere else, which is good. It’s supposed to be a safe haven for people who dont belong anywhere else. The problem is though, that those same kids who were outcast are angry. Which is also ok, and natural, but that anger is being misplaced and misdirected. It’s being placed on other people for no other reason than the fact that they can, and that is NOT ok. It destroys the whole purpose. 

Look, I’m not naive, and generally I am not idealistic. I am realistic, and truth be told, I know that there is no real immediate fix to this problem. I know that people are going to disagree and hate each other and have beef for what fucking ever reasons. But regardless of whether you hate some one or not, respect them. Respect them because you want to be respected. Fuck, respect them out of spite if you have to, but it’s the only thing thats going to keep this scene from entirely falling apart at the seams. Respect others because you respect yourself enough to not let something petty tarnish the only thing some of us have left. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stand your ground, because respect is worth nothing without integrity. They are the two most difficult things to attain in life, and at the same time the easiest to lose. Hold yourself up, and help others stand on their feet by respecting yourself. Help make our scene something worth being a part of, not over night, but over time. I will be accepting any questions, comments, or suggestions on this. I’ll close with this; the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the second best time is now.

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