So I want to make a comment on this whole fat shaming/skinny shaming business. While I understand that by saying this, I won’t actually change anything, I am opinionated and like to indulge myself.

That being said, you all need to shut the fuck up. Seriously. Shut up. What business is it of yours? In all honesty, there are an infinite number of other things for people to be worrying about, then what SOME ONE ELSES BODY looks like. And really, who the fuck are you to judge in the first place? When you try to impose your idea of what ‘beautiful’ is on someone else, you’re not being righteous. You’re not setting someone straight, and you’re not in any way helping them. You are being a narrow minded, simpleton fuck, and you look like a fool.

Guess what? Someone loves the way she looks, just like someone loves the way YOU look. Everyone is beautiful in their own right. Telling a woman she isn’t beautiful, because she can’t hide behind a toothpick is a filthy, petty, and pathetic way to put someone down. And vice versa for bigger women; telling skinny girls that they look gross because there is a gap between their legs is a fucking idiotic thing to say. You are all beautiful, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

TL;DR Shut the fuck up. You’re all unique flowers. Shut up.

We are closing in on the release date for our new single. I am still so nervous. The final mix has not been completed, and the lyric video has not even begun yet (as far as I know.. our artist is a little difficult to get a hold of). In my mind I’ve built the song up to be this amazing thing, that is going to have such a large impact, and in reality I think it is going to fall short of my expectations by a long shot. Not because I don’t believe in what we’ve created, but because I have a tendency to set my expectations too high.

It’s a very confusing mess of emotions happening all at once. All I can say is that I am still very nervous, and very excited.


Edenborn at the Loft // Poughkeepsie NY
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We just finished recording on Thursday night, and I don’t think I have ever been more proud, nor have I been this nervous to release music. We put so much work into making this song sound perfect, and I am afraid to give it away now. It is like we created this beautiful thing, and by sharing it, we risk it becoming ugly, or unwanted. 

Nervous and excited. Nervous and excited. Nervous and excited.

Unless you’re a musician trying “to make it” it is really difficult to understand the amount of time and effort that we put into what we do. The amount of practice and dedication that it takes. These thoughts are cropping up just because we played a show last night, and before the last band played almost the entire place cleared out. And that is including other musicians! I understand that people have lives, but come on. 

I will probably do another post on this again soon.

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"We can only grow when we look at ourselves, stripped of our egos, without fear."
— Edenborn

If you like good, melodic hardcore, then support this band. They’re awesome. 

"No reason to take what we have, they just keep giving us more and more until we are drowning in overstimulation and stupidity, until we are drowning in our precious belongings. The end of the world is coming, and it will be by our own hand. By our inability to love, to grow, and to move forward."